Bad Luck Black Cat

"Bad Luck Black Cat is a top-down 3D farming adventure game for the PC where you play as a Black Cat who has moved to a small village called Bastion in hopes of curing their ever-present bad luck. They must work with their new neighbours to grow and trade crops, overcoming their luck along the way."


My final major production as a student at AIE, I set out to lead our team to create a relaxing & unique farming game. It proved to be a valuable learning experience, and the challenges it provided me have been crucial to my development as a designer & team leader.

On this project, I worked primarily on designing the core game mechanics like the farming and economy systems, as well as scheduling development and managing our team.

Development Details

Team Makeup 8 total (2 designers, 3 artists & 3 programmers)

Project Dates August to November 2021 (15 weeks)

Game Engine Unreal Engine 4