"Subterranea is a surreal interactive non-linear story told from the perspective of Yaris, a young fellow who discovers a labyrinth in their parents’ basement and must make crucial decisions regarding the denizens within it."


Subterranea was the result of my month-long Production for Clients assessment. It's my first solo project and my first attempt at writing a piece of interactive fiction. I learned a lot about scheduling my own personal work as well as the techniques required to develop a piece of work in its genre.

Intended to be the first chapter of a larger narrative project, Subterranea was my first venture into writing interactive fiction. Working on my own in a new medium of expression taught me a lot about adapting to succeed and how to quickly learn the requirements of a new perspective in games.

Development Details

Team Makeup 1 total (myself)

Project Dates April to May, 2021

Game Engine Twine